Cutting edge science in your pocket

  • Lab level diagnostic analysis

    World-class gait lab analysis technology, tucked into your front pocket

    Physicians and physical therapists rely on sophisticated in-clinic tools - often using expensive medical equipment - to perform “gait analysis” which evaluates patient’s injuries and deficits in order to make accurate diagnosis, craft personalized recovery plans, and most importantly, track progress and tweak treatment along the way. OneStep’s technology is the first of its kind to deliver lab level diagnostic analysis by leveraging existing smartphone capabilities.

  • Sophisticated gait analysis

    Tracks and evaluates numerous gait parameters in real-time and real life

    Beyond invaluable experience and intuition, physical therapists rely on sophisticated gait analysis to support their patients in recovery from myriad pathologies, including hip replacement, knee replacement and strokes. OneStep’s technology tracks and evaluates numerous gait parameters - 24/7 in real life settings - delivering invaluable, up-to-the-minute data to our therapists, and directly to our patients. Our therapists build personalised recovery plans and can quickly adapt their therapeutic approaches to the new data the app consistently provides. Beyond this, we provide much of our data directly to our patients, helping them to better understand their impairments, their therapeutic goals, and to feel good about their progress along the way -- which increases patient satisfaction and compliance.

  • Empowering people with patents

    We build tech that empowers people to be full partners in their recovery

    Giving our physical therapist’s best-in-class tools is just the beginning. Our next goal is to offer real-time, minute-to-minute responsive analysis directly to our patients, empowering them to feel like equal partners in their recovery efforts and providing them with easy to understand information and feedback on how they can correct their gait right away.

Our Collaborations

World-class gait lab analysis technology, tucked into your front pocket

Nothing strengthens science more than teamwork, and so our goal is to collaborate with best-in-class hospitals and companies around the world to design and provide the best products possible and to gain greater and greater insights into how to meet the needs of healthcare practitioners and their patients.

Our current collaborators are:

  • AposTherapy


    validation of current parameters

  • Shaare Tzedek

    Shaare Tzedek

    cognitive trends predicted by gait patterns

  • Reuth Hospital

    Reuth Hospital

    compliance and adherence