How You'll Recover with OneStep

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  • illustration of Welcome aboard!
    Step 1

    Welcome aboard!

    Getting started is easy! Just download the app, answer a few questions about your condition, and take a few minutes to declare your goals. Our expert care team will use this information in designing your personalised recovery plan.

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    Step 2

    Let’s take a quick walk

    Now we’re going to analyze the way you walk! OneStep will ask you to do a bit of walking (don’t worry, just a few steps around the room) so that we can - using our exclusive gait analysis technology - assess your walking patterns. We'll also share your immediate gait analysis, so you can see exactly how you're walking!

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    Step 3

    Set your goals

    Is your goal to improve your balance? To get off your walking aid? To prepare for a surgery? Our expert physical therapists and care team will build your personal recovery plan, based on your walking and specific rehabilitation goals.

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    Step 4

    Start exercising

    Tell us what you can commit to 5, 15, or 30 minutes per day. We’re firm believers that just 5 minutes per day can take you a long way to your recovery goals. Whether you’re at home, in the park, or at your place of work - Just pull your phone out of your pocket and record a walk or do a simple exercise.

  • illustration of We’ll give you real-time feedback as you go
    Step 5

    We’ll give you real-time feedback as you go

    You'll receive in-depth feedback and inspiring insights along your journey to help keep you motivated, but more than that, our care team and your physical therapist are just a click away, there when you need them.

  • illustration of Watch yourself improve
    Step 6

    Watch yourself improve

    Throughout your journey, you can use OneStep to measure your progress in a quantifiable way you can see! Physical therapy has never felt more rewarding.

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