How OneStep makes PTs better

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We work with physical therapists and clinics worldwide to provide OneStep as an augment to their services, as well with in-house OneStep therapists who treat the many patients who download our app without having had therapy before. If you’re a physical therapist interested in OneStep, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

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    Provide care from anywhere

    OneStep allows therapists to improve communication with their patient, providing the ability to set reminders and messaging, design/alter exercise plans, and more. All you need is a phone.

  • Improve patient engagement and adherence

    Patients using OneStep love the quantitative, 24/7 feedback. It improves adherence to prescribed exercises and empowers patients to stay engaged in their recovery.

  • Remote monitoring = more informed clinical decisions

    We combine cutting edge technology and the best practices of physical therapists to provide 24/7, effective and accessible PT.